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We suppose that you too have a football season void in your life since we have walked away from the Euro 2020 season. Of course, football is also beginning off top-flight all throughout Europe in August, so soon too much will be left behind.

But what are the most important dates for the 2021/22 football season? We will look at the returns of English soccer in the Premier League and other football seasons across the continent.

Premier League 2021/22 start dates and schedule

The Premier League campaign this season is about one month longer than the prior one and the season starts on 13 August.

The campaign ends on 22 May and is expected to deliver a stronger conclusion than the silent ending day of the last campaign.

In early 2022, the League is anticipated to return for a winter break, which includes a complete round of fittings divided over two weekends.

Hopes for a championship challenge are high with Liverpool returning stronger, Manchester United expenditure large, and Chelsea achieving glory in Europe in May.

La Liga 2021/22 Football Season Start date & Schedule

The Premier League is reflected by Spain’s top division and the League kicks begin on August 13, too. They will likewise end on 22 May, but the Spanish weekend is generally wider than the Premier League.

Atletico Madrid defends their championship against Real Madrid’s Carlo Ancelotti and Barcelona’s Ronald Koeman. Can Diego Simeone hold off the two former bosses of Everton? Both sides don’t have resources, but Barca has kept Lionel Messi and they aim to land midfielder Atletico Saul.

Serie A 2021/22 start date and schedule

Italy is rewarded with its top division on August 22, following the triumph of Euro 2020. Serie A will finish the same weekend as the Premier League and La Liga on the 22nd of May.

The winter break for Series A will take place from December 23 to January 6.

Expect an open campaign in Italy after a busy summer shift. Jose Mourinho has been in Rome, sharing the capital with Lazio’s new manager, Maurizio Sarri. Max Allegri has returned to Juventus, whilst Inter Milan has lost Antonio Conte.

Bundesliga 2021/22 start date and schedule

Bayern Munich will seek to maintain its supremacy in Germany in the upcoming 21/22 season, which begins on August 13th. The Bundesliga concludes on May 14th, as predicted, with only 18 teams in the competition.

Both Borussia Dortmund and RB Leipzig have been weakened this summer, with Julian Nagelsmann departing the latter for champions Bayern Munich. Another season of Bavarian greatness is on the way.

Ligue 1 2021/22 start date and schedule

Ligue 1 will resume on August 7th, the first of Europe’s major leagues to do so. Meanwhile, the campaign will come to a close on May 21st of the following year. PSG did not hold back in the transfer market this summer, so there will be plenty of anticipation ahead of the match.

This is due to a gaffe last season when Lille won the French title. However, the league’s competitive balance is in jeopardy right now. Following the cancellation of Ligue 1’s major television agreement last season, which left a financial vacuum for everybody save PSG.

Champions League group stage 2021/22 start date and schedule

European football season and qualifications are currently underway, but the group stage’s first-round begins on September 14.

This campaign will conclude with the sixth and final round of group games before taking a break until February 15.

The Champions League final of this season will be held in Saint Petersburg on May 28.

The group stage of the 2021/22 Europa League begins on September 16, and both Leicester City and West Ham will be competing. The final will be held in Seville on May 18th.

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