About Us

The Football Dialogue Blog exists because of you and other enthusiastic football lovers around the world. We feel football is about more than just sports and entertainment. It’s a worldwide language that connects millions of football fans from all over the world, regardless of language, race, or geography. In fact, we consider football to be a worldwide religion.

Why Football Dialogue?

As mentioned before, football is a language that connects millions of people, therefore, it has given birth to so many viewpoints across the globe. As a result, to give much emphasis on that we have decided to provide a platform that football fans can engage and have constructive discussions and expert analysis, hence the Name “Football Dialogue.”

Content Style

Football Dialogue is not a news platform ONLY. We don’t post football content that is time-sensitive or based on current events or trends ONLY. Rather We offer enduring football content that is both useful, entertaining & informative. Our goal is to create material that inspires you to save, share, and refer to it years after it is published. At the same time, keeping you in the loop with the most trending stories in the world of FOOTBALL.