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 Antony Dishes Out A Cheeky Response To Showboating Critics. ANTONY claims he won’t quit showboating despite a warning from his manager and condemnation from analysts. During Thursday night’s 3-0 triumph over FC Sheriff, the Manchester United winger executed a 720-degree spin with the ball before trying a pass that went out of play.

 Antony Dishes Out A Cheeky Response To Showboating Critics
Antony Dishes Out A Cheeky Response To Showboating Critics

Antony’s skill drew applause from the audience but scorn elsewhere. But responding on Instagram with a video of the moment, Antony said: “We are known for our art and I won’t stop doing what got me where I am!”

The £85 million summer addition, who was also sporting a new bleach blonde hairstyle, completed the trick with the game still scoreless in the first half before being replaced at halftime.

Manager Erik ten Hag stated after the game that he did not mind a ‘trick’ on the field as long as there was an end product.

When the camera switched to Ten Hag following Antony’s antics, he was seen rolling his eyes because there wasn’t any on this particular occasion.

Ten Hag said: “When there is a trick like that, it’s nice as long as it’s functional. If you’re not losing the ball, then it’s OK – but if it’s a trick because of a trick, then I will correct him.”

The feisty commentator and United legend Paul Scholes was having none of it. Scholes said: “What is he thinking? He’s not beating a man, he’s not entertaining anybody, it’s 0-0 and then he kicks the ball out. 

“But that’s the way he plays, I’ve seen him do it many times for Ajax as well and that’s just the way he is, but I think he needs that knocking out of him.”

Robbie Savage, a fellow BT analyst, was as underwhelmed by what he witnessed. Savage said: “He’s done that then puts the ball out of play. It’s quite embarrassing actually. Doing that with nobody near him and then he puts the ball out of play.”


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