Bruno Fernandes Gives Arsenal Hope After €40m Deal. Fabio Vieira was signed by Arsenal, and Bruno Fernandes supports him and wishes him success in the Premier League.

Last month, Vieira signed a five-year, €40 million transfer from Porto to the Emirates. The 22-year-old will be making his debut outside of his own country. He does so in the tradition of other illustrious Portuguese athletes, notably Fernandes of Manchester United.

 Bruno Fernandes Gives Arsenal Hope After €40m Deal
Bruno Fernandes Gives Arsenal Hope After €40m Deal

 I welcome all Portuguese players who go abroad. I hope he can shine to the fullest, except against me, “ Fernandes told reporters in Portugal about Vieira’s move to north London.

“Fabio has a lot of quality and has been demonstrating that, whether in the FC Porto is in the Under-21s, he has had good numbers and good performances.

“I hope he succeeds like all the Portuguese out there. We have to start valuing what is ours and I hope that Fabio manages to be as good as possible, despite wanting to stay ahead.”

Vieira managed seven goals and 16 assists for Porto in 39 games played in all competitions last season. The midfielder had just made his first-team debut in 2020, therefore it was a breakout season for him.

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