Burnley Confront The Incidence Of Man City’s Rico Lewis Being Struck By A Missle Lighter. MANCHESTER CITY star Rico Lewis got hit by a lighter thrown by a member of the Burnley fans.  Conor Roberts bundled the defender to the ground at the corner flag midway through the first half, resulting in the incident.

As Roberts pleaded his innocence, Lewis rose to his feet, only to be struck by the lighter thrown from the Burnley end. He tumbled on the ground, sobbing, but he did not require medical attention.

Burnley Confront The Incidence of ManCity’s Rico Lewis Being Struck By A Missle Lighter

Taking to Twitter, Burnely addressed the incident stating firmly that the behaviour of the fan is totally unacceptable. The newly promoted side said that the culprit was successfully apprehended by the police and scouted out of the stadium.

Burnley also added that any fan that will be caught throwing missiles will be banned from football matches. “We are aware of an incident that happened in the first half of the match where a missile was thrown at Manchester City player Rico Lewis. This is unacceptable.”

The person responsible has been identified and removed from the ground by the police. Any individual found guilty of throwing missiles within the stadium will receive a banning order.” Read the tweet.

By Clive Banda

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