Confirmed: Paul Pogba Rejoins Juventus. Paul Pogba has returned to his previous club Juventus as a free agent, according to the Serie A club. The midfielder returned to Juventus after contract negotiations with Manchester United fell through.

Juventus issued a press release confirming the reunion with the player.

Confirmed: Paul Pogba Rejoins Juventus
Confirmed: Paul Pogba Rejoins Juventus

“Official|Paul Pogba Is Back! When we say goodbye after an intense adventure shared together, there is always a glimmer of hope that we will see each other again, sooner or later.

With Paul that is exactly what has happened. In 2016 our paths parted after four incredible years. Years in which a talented young French player went from making his First Team debut when he was still a teenager to scoring his first goal less than a month after making his bow. Years in which we learned to hold our breath in anticipation every time we saw him take aim from outside the box because we knew how it could, and often did, end – with a roar of joy…

“Then we said goodbye, and in the meantime, his talent and power came to the fore when as an integral part of his national side he contributed to France’s World Cup 2018 triumph.

Although we parted ways, we never really forgot about each other, and there is something ancestral in the call that after a thousand adventures eventually leads you back home.

Paul is back in Turin. He left as a boy and returned as a man and a champion, but there is one thing that has not changed – the desire to write unforgettable pages of club history together once more.

Pogba is back and we couldn’t be happier.”

The France international will wear number 10 for the club.

Additionally, Juventus revealed last week that former Manchester United forward Angel Di Maria had joined the team. Di Maria left Paris Saint-Germain and signed with Juventus as a free agent.

By Clive Banda

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