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Jurgen Klopp seems to experience the strain for the first time since Liverpool’s downturn started in February 2020. Liverpool has been facing nightmares ever since Van Djik sustained a massive injury against Everton in a Merseyside derby.

The defense of the Merseyside was ravaged by injuries early in the season. This led the manager to aggressively pushed Fabino back to center back. This seems to be a massive gamble which did not do Liverpool and Klopp any good. The team has suffered heavily due to the imbalance and shape of their line-up.

Liverpool Manager (Jurgen Klopp)

Exasperation is the main emotion at his news conferences post-match. The sounds and downward looks reflect a profound sense of indignation at the duration and the size of the collapse of his side.

However, Defeat against Manchester United on Sunday is likely to leave Liverpool 8th and a point behind Everton, who will still take their competitors away if they defeat Sheffield United at home. Klopp was correct when he said, they are not “playing like we deserve Champions League”.

These remarks came after last weekend’s 1-1 draw with Newcastle United. That was a clear microcosm of both what had gone wrong with Liverpool this season – and a green shoot of how to get out of their discomfort.

And that’s what the last five games of the season would be about. Forget about competing for a place in the top four. The numbing persistence of their bad form over the last 14 months raises a much more pressing question: will Liverpool pull through, or are we seeing the end of the Klopp era?

Liverpool Defensive Woes a Huge Blow for their Season

The reasons for Liverpool’s poor season have been clear, but their interconnectedness is scarcely addressed from a tactical standpoint.

The fractures to Liverpool’s center-backs are at the root of almost all of the club’s issues. The departures of Virgil van Dijk, Joe Gomez, and Joel Matip not only shattered the defense. And it also contributed to the dismantling of central midfield, the dismantling of the high press, the loss of their grind-to-submission counter-attacks, and the absence of the full-backs.

Henderson Injury

Losing three central defenders would be a big problem for any team, but particularly one with such a high defensive line.

Klopp’s big blunder, in retrospect, was struggling to change his strategy. Therefore, rivals could quickly break in behind without experience at the back. At the same time, triggering the initial dip in morale that spread the blight.

Above all, it was too little, too late, as too much of Klopp’s other reforms this season. From failing to lower the defensive line deeper to failing to fix the mistake of transferring Fabinho to central defense. His inertia has been a crucial factor in the club’s disappointing season.

Still, after more than a calendar year with disappointing results, Klopp could be ready for a transition.


By Clive Banda

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6 thoughts on “Is the Klopp era at Liverpool coming to an end?”
  1. Maybe its just a purple patch for Liverpool,i personally think they will bounce back next season.

    1. True,they must take Mo Salah back to Chelsea and take Tammy Abraham to Anfield he is always sitting out on the bench at Chelsea but what good player he is.

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