Klopp Explains Why He Won’t Be Leaving Liverpool Despite Poor Form. Jurgen Klopp has stated that he would not quit Liverpool unless he is instructed to do so, implying that a significant makeover of his ageing team will take place at the conclusion of the season.

With just over half the season remaining, the 2020 champions sit 10 points outside the top four following their sixth Premier League defeat of the season. Klopp signed a contract extension until 2026 last year, and the 55-year-old has stated that only the sack would prevent him from seeing it through.

Klopp Explains Why He Won't Be Leaving Liverpool Despite Poor Form
Klopp Explains Why He Won’t Be Leaving Liverpool Despite Poor Form

“Either the manager’s position changes or a lot of other things change,” he said. “So as far as I am concerned unless someone tells me I will not go.

“So that means maybe there is a point where we have to change other stuff. We will see that, but that is something for the future. Like summer or whatever. Not now.

“I have space and time to think about it — we have to play better football now.”

Captain Jordan Henderson (32), Fabinho (29) and 31-year-old Thiago Alcantara remain first-choice choices in a midfield that is beginning to show its age, but Klopp denied being overly loyal to the old guard.

“The problem is too complex. You have a good player who did a lot of good things in the past and then in your mind (you think) maybe that’s it for him,” said the Liverpool boss, speaking of the need for rejuvenation.

“If you can then go out and bring in another player to replace (him) that makes sense. If you cannot bring anybody in you cannot bring anybody out. That is the situation.”

Klopp, whose club faces Wolves in an FA Cup third-round replay on Tuesday, also denied that older players had stopped listening to him.

“I was not that often in a similar situation but I know exactly how it works when things don’t go well,” he said.

“There is a list of things you go through and one of the things is the players aren’t listening to the coach anymore.

“In Germany we say the manager doesn’t reach the team anymore. So I understand it looks like this sometimes but it is just not the case. You can take that off the list.”


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