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According to Franceso Porzio, Barcelona and Lionel Messi have agreed to a ten-year contract. Barcelona has been said to be in financial difficulties. But it hasn’t prevented them from doing everything they can to protect their treasured possession.

Elsewhere, Fabrizio Romano adds that the deal isn’t done yet, but Barcelona is just finalizing a few things and is optimistic that the sale will be completed. It’s only a matter of time before Barcelona makes an official announcement on their club website.

Lionel Messi and Barcelona Agree to Ten-Year Deal

Barcelona and Messi have been in talks for some time, and now a massive deal has been reached, with a few stipulations along the way.

Messi, aged 33, is looking forward to playing alongside Argentine teammate Sergio Aguero, who has joined Barcelona from Manchester City. Messi will stay with Barcelona for another two seasons before heading to David Beckham’s Inter Miami.

In his career, Miami manager Phil Neville probably did not anticipate overseeing one of the world’s best footballers.

From a strong desire to leave to a lucrative offer to stay

Last season, clubs flocked to Barcelona to recruit Messi after he stated his desire to leave the Catalan club. But the Catalan club demanded a staggering £625 million for him. Since his return to the club, club president Joan Laporta has made it his duty to guarantee that Messi stays with them.

Messi’s new deal spans from 2021 until 2031, with a weekly salary of £584,000.

Messi The Ambassador

Messi will serve as the club’s ambassador for the remaining six years of his contract. A job that has the potential to further enhance Barcelona’s already enviable international profile. Football fans around the world should expect to see more of Messi in the coming years, and in the next two seasons, he and Aguero might form an intriguing combo that will test defences in La Liga.

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