Messi Makes Shock Retirement Claim. Many people will feel a chill upon hearing that Lionel Messi is getting close to retiring, despite the fact that time will ultimately triumph. The 35-year-old Argentine legend is competing in what may be his final international competition at the World Cup. After the competition, it’s widely believed that he will also discuss his club’s future, and it’s possible that those conversations will centre on his final football actions.

In an interview with Jorge Valdano, who was a member of the last Argentina team to win a World Cup, Messi discussed his final years and the possibility of going back to his old team, Newell’s Old Boys in Rosario.

Messi Makes Shock Retirement Claim
Messi Makes Shock Retirement Claim

“I don’t know, so many things happen… It was a dream that I always had as a child, of being able to play Argentine football, that I would go to the pitch and I wanted to be there. But today it depends on many things, I have my family, three children, I just had a very big change in my life that was difficult for me and my whole family. Now I have gotten over it and we feel spectacular.”

“Now I enjoy a city that seems beautiful to me. The first year was a big change and it took a long time. I was prevented from enjoying everything because it was a decision that came suddenly.”

Despite the fact that Messi was still among the top players in the world last season, it was obvious to everyone that he had changed as a player, probably as a result of the mental trauma he had experienced for much of his career.

He has been associated with a number of organizations, with some anticipating a move to Major League Soccer and Inter Miami, where he currently has a home. Paris Saint-Germain will probably attempt to extend his contract, which is set to expire next summer, while Barcelona will also desire a magnificent comeback.

Messi did indicate that it might be his grand finale though, wherever he signs. Mundo Deportivo carried his words.

“I love football, I love playing it and I enjoy it, the only thing I’ve done all my life is play football, and I’m sure that whatever I do after will be related to it, although I don’t know what. I don’t think I’ll play much more.”

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