Paul Pogba Reveals Why He ‘lost the momentum’ At Man United. Paul Pogba has spoken candidly about his issues with form and fitness while playing for Manchester United. In 2016, the Frenchman left Juventus for an £89 million contract with United.

His six years at Old Trafford, however, fell short of expectations, and the Red Devils decided to let him go when his contract expired last month.

 Paul Pogba Reveals Why He ‘lost the momentum’ At Man United
Paul Pogba Reveals Why He ‘lost the momentum’ At Man United

Pogba has officially agreed to return to Juventus, joining the Serie A powerhouse on a free transfer. The World Cup winner lamented his disappointing time at Old Trafford during a speech at his introduction at the Allianz Stadium.

 “Changing coach every year is hard. This was a difficult aspect for me,” he said.

“Then there were a few injuries, but I think it was also a mental thing; playing and not playing makes you lose the pace. 

“There is a bit of everything; coach, team, position. All this has blocked me a bit. 

“Now, however, I have left, and you will see another Paul. I can do better than I have in recent years.”

Massimiliano Allegri is the coach who has helped Pogba win two of his four Serie A championships. Allegri’s presence, claims the 29-year-old, was a major element in convincing him to join his former team.

He added: “Even in Manchester I often talked to him, we have always had a great relationship and even before coming here I talked to him.

“I spent many beautiful years with him, coming back here today means doing it at the right time and with the right person.”

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