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Police Looking Into Man United’s Mason Greenwood For A Possible Second Bail Violation. Police are looking into allegations that Mason Greenwood, a Manchester United player, violated the terms of his bail by buying fashionable items for his alleged sex victim.

It is alleged that despite being scheduled to testify at the player’s trial, the woman had access to his bank account. According to reports, Greenwood “purchased fashionable apparel for his accused sex victim.”

Police Looking Into Man United's Mason Greenwood For A Possible Second Bail Violation
Police Looking Into Man United’s Mason Greenwood For A Possible Second Bail Violation

The clothing was ordered online and delivered to her home last week. The football player is facing several counts, including using coercive and intimidating behaviour. He was previously accused of breaking bail laws last month.

He will also be accused of attempted rape and assault resulting in actual bodily harm when he is tried in November of next year.

Greenwood, 21, who has also represented England, met with the judge on Monday at Manchester’s crown court. The £75,000 weekly striker was reminded by Judge Maurice Greene that his bail restrictions still apply.

They are said to forbid him from getting in touch with his claimed victim, either directly or indirectly. However, it’s alleged that on Friday, Greenwood’s bank account was used to make a purchase from the online retailer Luxe To Kill for £86 of women’s clothing.

The business was allegedly given instructions online to deliver the goods to the claimed victim’s home address. The purported purchase is known to Greater Manchester Police, who are investigating any claims that it violated Greenwood’s release.

The Sun was informed on Sunday by a source that Greenwood had not placed the order. Police initially detained Greenwood, of Bowdon, Gtr Manchester, in January of this year due to claims involving a lady after pictures and videos were uploaded online.

After being granted bail, he was re-arrested last month after being caught in a photo with his alleged victim in violation of his terms.

On October 17, after appearing before Manchester magistrates court, he was detained in custody but was freed from jail two days later after a private bail hearing.


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