SAMUEL’S ETO’O’S DAUGHTER DEMANDS HER FATHER’S ARREST AFTER FAILING TO PAY CHILD SUPPORT. Samuel Eto’o’s daughter is advocating for the former footballer’s incarceration for allegedly failing to fulfil his responsibilities as a father.

Samuel Eto’o is battling his daughter, Erika do Rosario Nieves in court. Erika, 22, was legally acknowledged as the daughter of the former Barcelona and Inter striker in February 2022.


According to reports, Erika do Rosario is now asking for a one-year prison sentence for the head of the Cameroon football team for failing to provide for his daughter’s well-being.

‘El Diario de Sevilla’ claims that Samuel Eto’o has missed out on payments totalling €90,000.

“He owes more than five years of pension to his daughter and continues to defy justice. Erika’s economy is fragile while Eto’o lives in luxury,” says Fernando Osuna, the lawyer of Eto’o’s daughter, in a statement.

The defence of Eto’o’s daughter, Erika do Rosario requests the application of “the aggravating factors of recidivism and abuse of authority given the superiority it has over the young woman.” 

Érika do Rosario, also known as Erika Eto’o Do Rosario, was declared to be Samuel Eto’o’s biological daughter following a four-year legal battle.

The announcement was made in 2022 after the former Cameroonian striker repeatedly refused to submit to DNA testing. Later, the judge granted the young woman a pension of €1,400 per month, which was never paid.

By Clive Banda

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