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Supersport Apologizes After A Presenter Calls Ronaldo P**S. Supersport has issued an apology when a rehearsal video of influencer Twiggy Moli calling Ronaldo a p**s went viral. Twiggy Moli, a well-known social media influencer, was seen on camera answering a question on the Super Picks program on Supersport.

“Who do you want to win this one, Ronaldo or Messi?” asked her co-host before she answered “Messi, because Ronaldo is a p**s,” using the common and extremely insulting Afrikaans swear word.

Supersport Apologizes After A Presenter Calls Ronaldo P**S
Supersport Apologizes After A Presenter Calls Ronaldo P**S

SuperSport on Wednesday responded with an official statement:

“SuperSport is aware of a SuperPicks video circulating on social media. This was a rehearsal that was not meant for broadcast. Despite this, we unreservedly apologise for the language used.”

Unsurprisingly, Twiggy’s remark drew harsh criticism on social media, with many users claiming that she lacked the skills necessary to host a sports program.

Mollison rose to prominence after co-founding the lifestyle and fashion blog Sleepless in Soweto with her friend Sedi Ramone some years ago.

She pursued a degree in film and media and temporarily worked as a freelance photographer before establishing her personal brand as a lifestyle content maker.

She has previously presented for other networks in addition to Supersport. In a past interview with Tagged! magazine, she revealed; “I’ve never been shy about wanting to be a TV presenter, but I just wasn’t aggressive enough in chasing that dream. I entered the MTV VJ search once and I didn’t make it that far. I was really disappointed which put me off going to any other auditions after that.” She said.

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