Tapuwa Kapini Explains Why He Considers Himself The Best Goalkeeper In His Generation. Tapuwa Kapini is a household name in South African football. The skilled goalie dished out some memorable moments during his prime. Not only was he capable of thwarting the lethal poles, but the skilful goalie was also able to offer his extraordinary skills in helping the teams get goals. 

Taking to Twitter, Kapini thought back to his glory days as one of the most well-known local and regional football players. The former Highlander goalie said that he was one of the best goalkeepers when it comes to cutting crosses. “My opinion I think when it comes to crossing I was the best in my generation.” Tweeted Kapini.

Kapini is currently playing for Highlands Park in Joburg and he has proved to the team why he is regarded as one of the veteran goalies in local football. The 38-year-old was the hero of the day when he led his team to a Gauteng ABC Motsepe League Nedbank Cup Quarterfinal clash against Jomo Cosmos last year.

Tapuwa Kapini Explains Why He Considers Himself The Best Goalkeeper In His Generation
Tapuwa Kapini Explains Why He Considers Himself The Best Goalkeeper In His Generation

The 38-year-old joined the club following his release from South African top-flight side Sekhukhune United. Speaking about his dismissal from the club on Marawa Sports Worldwide, Kapini lamented the club’s lack of respect and unfair treatment of him.

“We lost 1-0 and a certain player blamed it on the use of muthi. So as the captain I had to respond and I did. I openly told him he can’t blame muthi for a mistake. If it was a mistake he should own up and say I’m sorry I made a mistake.”

“I was surprised because I didn’t know if I had done anything wrong, I even told my wife Sandra about it. They then called me to the office.

“I told them I said what I said in front of everyone and even the coaches were there. You cannot believe in muthi. It’s there but if you go into the field of play committed, then you won’t be affected by that. The player in question missed a sitter and blamed it on muthi and that is why I was fuming.

“I said muthi doesn’t work in football and told them openly for that matter.  I was told an investigation into what I said would be conducted because my words offended other players.

“I then stopped going to training as per the club’s orders until the ‘investigation’ was complete.”

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