“The pitch is too big when you face Man City” – Jurgen Klopp. Jurgen Klopp has admitted that controlling Manchester City’s attacking football will be difficult on Sunday.

The German manager has repeatedly stated that his team is out of the title race this season.  However, that doesn’t take away the pressure of facing “the best team in the world”.

 "The pitch is too big when you face Man City" -  Jurgen Klopp
“The pitch is too big when you face Man City” – Jurgen Klopp

“It could be [a title decider] this year… just not with us,” Klopp told a press conference on Friday.

“When you play City, the results left and right are not really important. This game requires all your focus, requires all the things you know about football.”

“I enjoy preparing the game really, but it’s the biggest challenge you can face in football.

“Football is all about closing down spaces, closing down players, making challenges in the right areas, these kinds of things.

“With City, it’s always: if you close down here, they are there; if you close down that gap, you open up that gap. The pitch is so big, and we have only 10 players to close all the gaps.

“It’s always a challenge. It’s not that we now feel different; it’s a home game, it’s Anfield, it’s us against Man City.

“They are, at the moment, definitely the best football team in the world, that’s how it is. But we will give it a try anyway, knowing there are no guarantees. We get help from a full Anfield and we try to use that.”

Liverpool has lost each of its last three games and is currently tenth in the Premier League. Let’s see if Klopp’s team can finally secure a statement victory in the English top division after defeating Rangers 7-1 in the Champions League.

By Clive Banda

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