“They Lie More Than Putin,” La Liga President Slams Super League Rebels Over A Fresh Plot. La Liga president Javier Tebas has slammed Barcelona, Real Madrid, and Juventus for pursuing their intentions to create a Super League outside of European football’s classical tradition. Their presidents, he claims, lie more than Vladimir Putin.

During today’s Financial Times Business of Football Summit, Juventus president Andrea Agnelli is likely to reveal a second Super League project. When asked about it, Tebas and UEFA president Alexander Ceferin didn’t hold back.

"They Lie More Than Putin!" - La Liga President Slams Super League Rebels Over Fresh Plot
“They Lie More Than Putin,” La Liga President Slams Super League Rebels Over A Fresh Plot

“It’s very difficult for the English clubs to form part of this competition so they are creating a Super League with two categories and the national leagues are the second category,” Tebas said in comments carried by Football Italia. “There will be two or three clubs relegated but there will always be the typical teams; Barcelona, Real Madrid, Juventus. It’s going to be difficult for them to go down.

They’ve made enemies of UEFA and the Premier League, whose growth goes against their model,” Tebas continued. “We know this, we have this information. They can say what they want but this is what they’re working on. Every time I read about it, I get cross. I think they lie more than Putin to be honest.” 

Last April, 12 teams from across Europe revealed their plan to launch their own private league, breaking away from European football’s traditional framework.

It collapsed within 48 hours, however, due to the decision of the six English clubs interested to withdraw, thereby eliminating it. Barcelona, Real Madrid, and Juventus, on the other hand, have not given up hope. Atletico Madrid, Internazionale, and Milan were also included in the plot line, but are not featured in this version.


By Clive Banda

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