Thomas Partey Faces Fresh Rape Allegations As New Evidence Emerges. An unidentified woman has once again raked Arsenal star Thomas Partey through the mud on social media with new rape allegations and proofs.

Remember that earlier this month, Arsenal star Thomas Partey was allegedly accused of rape by his wife, Sara Bella.

Thomas Partey Faces Fresh Rape Allegations As New Evidence Emerges
Thomas Partey Faces Fresh Rape Allegations As New Evidence Emerges

According to the stunning allegation, Partey was left out of Arsenal’s pre-season schedule in Germany due to personal concerns.

The 29-year-old Ghanaian midfielder was allegedly accused of rape by his Moroccan girlfriend Sara Bella for the most absurd of reasons.

Partey’s Moroccan wife is said to have alleged the Arsenal player of rape when he declined to walk her down the aisle. The Arsenal star later joined his teammates in Germany for the club’s preseason once the rumours finally went down.

Partey, on the other hand, has made the rounds on social media once more after a Twitter user called him out on new rape charges on Thursday evening, July 28.

In a series of tweets, an anonymous lady with the Twitter handle @deffonotchaur appears to have called out the Arsenal midfielder with screenshots from his private chats with the claimed victim.

Thomas Partey allegedly tried to force oral s*x on her while she was sleeping, according to her. A strange gesture that she definitely didn’t appreciate.

“He raped me, left me in bed unconscious then went out to party in Ibiza, came back, laughed in my face and told me I don’t get to say no to him” she claimed.

“Thomas Partey is a serial rapist who got lucky since the date he decided to rape me while we were on holiday together was 10 days before UK legislation changed enabling UK police forces jurisdiction over crimes committed outside the UK,” wrote @deffonotchaur on a Twitter thread.

Following the post, @deffonotchaur added another tweet to the thread, this time with a screen-recorded video of her conversations with Partey and the following message:

“This is the “innocent man” you arsenal fans were defending this video was recorded from my fronds phone after his agent threatened me and told me they would say I made fake videos and manipulated the screenshots.”

According to the lady, she and Thomas Partey were dating and had met before to the alleged incident in Ibiza. @deffonotchaur also alleges she tried to break up with Partey before he persuaded her that he would change.

“We were dating, he asked me to travel with him for his birthday after I tried to end things with him a few weeks prior. He convinced me that he had booked the trip for us and that he was going to change. I fell for it.” she claimed.

The lady also posts screen recordings of her discussions with the Ghanaian star on Snapchat and WhatsApp, as well as clips from their time together.

Screen records of their conversation indicated that the lady was in a relationship with Partey after she was asked to confirm her relationship with the Arsenal player. @deffonotchaur also released screen recordings of her conversations with Partey on his official Snapchat account.

The lady continues to upload screenshots of her conversations with the Ghanaian international to back up her claims:

According to the lady, she also attempted to fix the situation with Partey while they were dating, believing that the Arsenal midfielder made a mistake. She also said she told her friend right away because she was on the trip with her.

She texted the Arsenal star, but he didn’t respond since he was out partying, and he tried to cut the conversation off completely.

She finally admitted that the actual reason she’s speaking up is that, despite being paid off, she has yet to receive justice from the police to who she reported the incident months ago.

It remains to be known whether this latest allegation is genuine or false, but Thomas Partey has yet to respond to the accusations levelled against him as of Thursday night.

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