“Top clubs get away with murder,” Neil Warnock Lambasts A Refereeing Blunder In Liverpool Win Against Crystal Palace. Kevin Friend’s decision to award Liverpool a penalty against Crystal Palace on Sunday has been slammed by former Premier League boss Neil Warnock. Crystal Palace cut the score to 2-1 in the second half, putting the Reds under pressure. Late in the game, Diogo Jota won a penalty, which Fabinho converted to seal Liverpool win.

Jota was injured after failing to control Trent Alexander-pass, Arnold’s and Kevin Friend first dismissed the penalty claims. However, after additional review by the VAR, Friend changed his judgement and handed the penalty to the Reds. Jota’s lunge towards the goalie to earn the penalty appeared calculated.

Neil Warnock Lambasts A Refereeing Blunder In Liverpool Win Against Crystal Palace

Warnock lamented on talkSPORT about the refereeing decision, saying that big clubs get away with murder. He also believes the referee sunk to a new low as a result of his decision to reverse his earlier verdict.

“They get away with murder, the top clubs,” he said. “On Sunday I thought it was a great opportunity for a referee to actually do the good thing. But with Kevin Friend, I turned to my son and said, “Well that’s a penalty then if he is doing it.” He said, “It can’t be dad” and I said, “Just you wait.

“They looked at it 40 times and then called Kevin Friend over,” he continued. “As he was going, I’m saying to William, “He’s got to show what’s between his legs now. He’s got to go over and say I think my decision is right.

“If he had done that, the credibility referees would have got,” he concluded. “Instead they are doing that. He goes over and changes his mind to the worst decision.”

Crystal Palace had an excellent opportunity of winning the game after fighting back courageously in the second half. The Eagles are a tough nut to crack at Selhurst Park, as seen by their performance against Liverpool in the second half.

By Clive Banda

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