‘Treachery’ Anthony Martial Slams Ole Gunnar Solskjaer for Manchester United Treatment. Manchester United forward Anthony Martial has slammed former manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer‘s treatment of him during his time at the club, calling it “treasonous.”

The 26-year-old forward appeared 111 times for the Norwegian manager, scoring 35 goals, but began to fall out of favor towards the end of his reign, and Martial made it clear that he frequently played while injured, affecting his performance, and that his manager chose not to reveal that to the media, instead allowing the Frenchman’s naysayers to mount.

‘Treachery’ Anthony Martial Slams Ole Gunnar Solskjaer For Manchester United Treatment
‘Treachery’ Anthony Martial Slams Ole Gunnar Solskjaer For Manchester United Treatment

“I regularly played injured,” Martial explained to France Football. “People don’t know it, I couldn’t sprint during the four months following the Covid season.”

“The coach tells me he needs me, so I play. But, given my playstyle, if I can’t accelerate, it becomes very complicated. And I got set on fire, the coach never bothered to tell the media.”

“Obviously, I ended up getting injured for good and when I came back, finished, I didn’t play anymore.

“I took it very badly, I had a feeling of injustice, you are asked to sacrifice yourself for the team and behind the scenes you are dismissed. For me, it’s almost treachery. That’s all I hate. I can be blamed, but not for being fake.”

Martial, who was the Red Devils’ top choice in preseason to lead the line, has re-joined the first team under Erik ten Hag.

Due to a difficult start to the season due to injuries, he has only played in one game and Marcus Rashford has taken his place as the attacking spearhead. Nevertheless, Martial is anticipated to be put back into the lineup after his most recent setback, and he will be looking to revive his currently dormant Red Devils career.


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