Zimbabwe Warriors Drops On FIFA & CAF Ranking Again. Zimbabwe has dropped two places to number 19 in the CAF’s Football Association Ranking, with six points. The rating is based on the last five years’ performance in the Champions League and Confederations Cup.

The decrease follows FC Platinum’s failure to reach the group stages of the 2021/22 Champions League campaign, which would have earned Zimbabwe at least 0.5 points. The inability to field a team in the Confederation Cup, the second-tier competition, aggravated the problem.

Zimbabwe Warriors Drops On FIFA, CAF Ranking Again
Zimbabwe Warriors Drops On FIFA & CAF Ranking Again

In the last two terms, the country has failed to score any points. The Platinum Boys last accomplished this accomplishment in 2020, when they advanced to the Champions League group stage.

Next season, the top twelve countries will compete in two inter-club events. Morocco, Egypt, Algeria, Tunisia, South Africa, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Angola, Sudan, Lybia, Guinea, Tanzania, and Nigeria are among the countries on the list.

However, Zimbabwe’s involvement in the upcoming campaign remains in doubt due to the country’s continuing FIFA suspension, which prevents it from participating in any kind of international football.


By Clive Banda

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